Basic guidelines for our Authors:

1) Format:

  • Please use only Times New Roman for text (10 point) and symbol for greek letters.
  • The manuscript should be typed with 1.5 spacing with page and line numbers on one side of paper only.
  • The title should be bold sentence case, sub-heading should be bold italic and sub- subheading normal italic.
  • At the head of manuscript the following information should be given; the title of paper, the name(s) of the author(s), the institute where the research was carried out.
  • The e-mail address of corresponding author should be mentioned. The abstract should be concise and should represent the main text.
  • The abstract should not exceed 175-200 words. Upto 10 alphabetically arranged key words should be added after abstract.
  • Each figure, table and bibiliography entry must have a reference in the text. The manuscript file including tables, graphs and figures must be in MS Word (doc/docx) and Window Compatible.
  • The repetition of the information in the form of table and graph MUST be avoided.

2) Length:

  • Typed manuscript in 1.5 spacing should not exceed 15 pages including figures, tables and list of references. Manucript for short communication should not exceed 5 pages with not more than a total 2 figures or tables.

3) Units, Abbreviations and Nomenclature

  • For physical units, unit name and symbol the SI system should be employed. Biological name should be given according to latest international nomenclature. The names of varieties or genotypes must start and end with single inverted comma.(eg. 'Pant Dhan 4'; 'Pant L 5')

4) Tables and Figures:

  • Tables and Figures should be limited to necessary minimum. It is essential that figures are submitted as high resolution scan. The tables should fit in normal lay out of the page. Self explanatory tables should be typed on separate pages with appropriate title

5) References

  • For citing references, a recent issue of the journal should be consulted ensuring the names and date in the text and the end of article. They should be cited in alphabetical order.


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