Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Is it a peer-reviewed journal?

Yes, it is any peer reviewed journal. We follow double blind review process. That means that identity of reviewer is not disclosed to author(s) and vice-versa.

2) Does IJBAAR carry International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)?

Yes, its ISSN is 09728813

3) What types of papers are published in IJBAAR?

IJBAAR publishes research papers related to Agriculture, Veterinary, Engineering, Fisheries, Home Science etc.

4) Does IJBAAR publish review papers?

Only invited review papers are published in IJBAAR.

5) What is the geographical area that IJBAAR cover?

IJBAAR provides equal opportunity to all irrespective to region, country and continents.

6) How much time usually it takes to print papers in IJBAAR?

Approximately 2-4 months are required to process manuscript.

7) What is the current NAAS rating of IJBAAR?

Current NAAS rating of IJBAAR is 3.26, However it is likely to increase in days to come. For latest rating kindly refer to the website NAAS INDIA . Older rating may be found with the former name of Journal (Pantnagar Journal of Research)

8) How can one submit manuscript?

Registered users may submit manuscript through online manuscript submission system. Registration is free of charge and is available round the clock.

9) What is the cost of printing?

There is nominal cost of printing which is approximately $ 4 (equivalent to Rs 250) per printed page.

10) Is there any processing fee?

No, there is no processing fee. However, there is nominal printing fee as mentioned above

11) Should one pay printing charges in advance?

No printing charges are levied once manuscript is accepted for publication.

12) Can I pay printing charges online?

Yes, printing charges may be paid online through RTGS or bank transfer. However one can also pay printing charges through draft or multicity cheque or direct deposit at counter. For more details please refer to the guidelines page on website.

13) Is it an open access journal?

Yes, IJBAAR is an open access journal. Current and older manuscripts may be downloaded from IJBAAR website ( Manuscript may also be downloaded from DOAJ and website.

14) Is IJBAAR also available in hardbound format?

Yes, IJBAAR is also available in hardbound format. One copy of journal is provided free of cost to first author.

15) Is it necessary to subscribe journal for publishing papers?

At least one author (any one) should have subscribed journal. Subscription is available for one year and five years.

16) Does IJBAAR consider publishing proceeding of seminar/symposium/workshop/conference etc?

Yes, for detail, please contact editor-in-chief.